Opening up access to part data for design, sourcing and manufacturing

how people make decisions on octopart

How People Make Decisions on Octopart

A couple of months ago, we revealed insights into who uses Octopart based on the results of a survey we ran earlier this year. The people who use our powerful search engine for electronic components...

price vs memory graph

Plotting Pricing Trends from Octopart Data

Before you search for specific MPNs, it’s useful to understand broad trends in electronic component pricing and availability to save time and money. At Octopart, we manage information of more than 40 million electronic...

The part numbering system for thick-film resistors from Panasonic

How Datasheets Make Engineering Possible

Electronic components provide definable functions; they are the building blocks of design, and electronic design is all about putting those blocks together in the right way. However, unlike conventional building blocks that fit together...