Octopart visits Maker Faire NYC 2017

If you’ve never attended a Maker Faire before the first thing you might notice is the diversity and variety of booths, activities, and attendees. Well—that and the gigantic metal, fire-breathing dragon.

Heavy Meta – The fire-breathing dragon bus.

The Octopart team joined CircuitMaker inside the Maker Pavilion for this year’s World Maker Faire NYC where we met with fans, introduced makers to Octopart, and marveled at the sheer amount of creativity and innovation on display.

The maker space encompasses everything from circuit design to 3D printing and coding, and Maker Faire is where it all comes together. Hosted by Maker Media, this isn’t just an event for engineers, this fair is for everyone and anyone. Whether you are a seasoned professional, just getting started, or merely a member of the curious public, there was something for you at Maker Faire.

Our booth was located in Zone 3, an area often filled with the aroma of burning wood, as Dremel, Glowforge, and other vendors demonstrated their impressive laser cutting technologies. Dremel even debuted their new Digilab Laser Cutter, a brand new device for engraving and cutting.

It wasn’t only cutting technologies on display in Zone 3 however. We had a number of other notable neighbors like Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and DigiKey. Arduino celebrated Maker Faire by announcing two new boards at the event: The Arduino MKR WAN 1300 and the Arduino MKR GSM 1400. Both boards are equipped with low power communication capabilities (LoRa for the 1300 and 3G for the 1400) for IoT edge application.

Another Zone 3 inhabitant, TinyCircuits, showcased their Arduino-powered Tiny Arcade. Measuring in at just over 3 inches, Tiny Arcade is a miniature DIY arcade cabinet that allows users to play retro-styled games on a device that fits in the palm of your hand.

Outside of the tent, we discovered one of the most unique inventions on display at Maker Faire, the Museum of Food and Drink’s Smell Synth. The Smell Synth takes the concept of a synthesizer and replaces music with smells. When a button is pressed on the Smell Synth your nose is treated to a corresponding smell. Press the cinnamon button and you’ll enjoy the distinct smell of cinnamon. Pressing multiple smells simultaneously combines the scents, creating new and potentially pleasant (but not always) combinations. For instance, pressing the “maple syrup” button and “butter” button at the same time produces the scent of pancakes.

The Smell Synth from MOFAD

When we weren’t playing with robot dinosaurs and remote controlled cars, our team was busy connecting with makers to talk about how Octopart can help them find and discover the parts they need for their next project. We also met with longtime fans who provided us with some very insightful feedback that we hope to implement in the future in order to make Octopart an even more useful tool for makers and electrical engineering professionals alike. We always love hearing from our users, so if you missed us at Maker Faire you can drop us a line at contact@octopart.com and let us know what we can do to make Octopart even better.

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