Octopart Battles for the Net

We at Octopart have always believed in free and open access to electronic component data for everyone. One of the most important foundations on which we build in order to realize this dream, is the free and open Internet, or net neutrality. Without net neutrality, the Internet would look completely different; what you see would be controlled by your Internet service provider, not by you and without any input from you. Creativity would be stifled, free expression would be contained, and exchange of ideas would be hindered.  

We stand up for net neutrality today, along with a huge number of other companies and organizations. We believe in a free and open Internet, a place for you to find not only the part data you need, but all information you need, whenever you need it and from whichever site you choose. We believe that the choice lies with you, not with your ISP. Join us in asking the FCC and Congress to protect net neutrality and keep the Internet free.

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