New Symbol and Footprint Images on Octopart

Octopart has taken a first step towards improving design content to our search results. This week, we rolled out an oft requested feature: images of symbols and footprints. About 200,000 of the most popular parts on Octopart have symbol and footprint images, with most (about 62%) in the Integrated Circuits category. These images are great for quickly understanding the form and function of a chip. Symbol and footprint images are accessible from both search results and part detail pages.

Here are some examples:

Adding symbol and footprint information to part search is one of our most requested features, and we hear you. We hope this first step towards adding design content to Octopart search is helpful for your designing needs.

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  • Blackketter

    This is great, very useful. Any thought to adding block diagrams in addition to symbols? Often I open a datasheet just to see the block diagram.

    • Alisa Babikova

      Hi there! Thank you, glad you found it useful! There is more coming, so keep reading our blog. You can also sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date. Thanks again.