Octopart’s Highlights from Embedded World 2017

A couple of weeks ago, the Octopart gang and I traded pizza slices for Nuremberg sausages as we headed to Germany to exhibit at Embedded World 2017. Coming off the heels of Electronica 2016 and DesignCon this winter, we came armed with enthusiasm, information, and swag to spread the good word of Octopart to 30,000 visitors over the span of 3 days.

octopart demo and swag

If you’ve ever been to Embedded World, then you know that it’s the mecca of the embedded systems technology sector. I’m talking stadium-sized exhibit halls lined with carpeted booths highlighting electronic component distributors and manufacturers larger than the majority of New York City apartments (and some are even outfitted with coffee shops and bars). It’s one thing to acclimate to the sheer scale of the event, but it’s impossible to shake off the palatable electricity of knowing you’re all gathered in one central location to share the best of innovative ideas and products.

This year’s theme was “Securely Connecting the Embedded World”, with a special focus on IoT and Security & Safety. Sessions and classes around Software & Systems Engineering, Hardware Engineering, Embedded OS, and Management Focus took place, but the majority of our time was spent directly interacting with our users.

interacting with users

We focused on introducing engineers to Octopart. We spent all day collecting feedback from people new to Octopart, avid fans, and those in between, and genuinely taking the time to get a feel for the projects our people who use Octopart are working on. One conversation that stands out was with Eyal, who is working on a startup focused on automated circuit design using a rules-based expert system. Another, with Matt, who specializes in Reverse Engineering competitors products. He uses Octopart to lookup into on components that he finds as he takes apart products.

team octopart

The team for the week included Sam Bobb, our VP of Engineering, Emily Nichol, our VP of Marketing, and myself, who represented our sales team. Having a team of different backgrounds helped draw different insights from the people who came to visit our booth. Overall, we were stoked to see so many people familiar with Octopart and appreciated the shoutouts and feedback for the BOM tool, suggestions for distributors you’d like to see pricing and availability from, and inquiries about upcoming features! My favorite part, especially, was connecting with the 1,000 students in attendance. Their enthusiasm was unmatched and kept my spirits high throughout the event.

It’s because of your conversations and feedback that we continue to get better. We hope to see you at our next event!

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