How to Find Electronic Components with Octopart

At Octopart, we are passionate about improving how people find electronic components, so we’ve spent over 10 years making our search engine faster and more powerful every day. The Octopart search engine helps you compare over 40 million components, find important technical information, and easily grasp the spectrum of parts that will be a match for your design so you can focus on the important stuff: building technology of the future. We also work closely with distributors to provide updated prices and stock levels to save your team time and money.

To help you get started searching for electronic component information on Octopart, we created this video, the first in a how-to series we are going to release over time explaining our tools that help engineers. It explains how to use our search engine to search for a part number, see technical information, and download datasheets, as well as how to compare quantity in stock, see pricing at different price breaks, and order parts from hundreds of distributors. Let us know if you have any more questions!

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  • MH

    I really like your service, but I’m also really missing wildcards for the search field.

    • MH

      Let me elaborate with an example: I’m searching for an Part XX123.
      Now, XX123 is either shipped in trays as XX123T or on reels as XX123R.
      Also, it comes in DIP package as XX123TD,XX123RD or in SO package as XX123TS,XX123RS.

      Let’s say I don’t care about trays or reels since we can handle both, but I need the device in SO package. I still have to manually do a search for both ordering numbers XX123TS and XX123RS separately because there’s no possibility to use a wildcard XX123*S.

      In this example, you’d only have to do 2 searches. But the possibilities for variants in naming go on and on for temperature range, reel size or even manufacturing country.