2016: Octopart’s Year in Review

Here at Octopart, we like to review each year that passes — to reminisce, identify areas for improvement, reflect on challenges and plan for the future. 2016 was an exceptional year for Octopart! We brought a variety of product updates to our users, attended global events in electronics industry and grew our team. Without further ado…

The Art of Finding Parts

Some of the things we updated this year include descriptive searches, saved settings and adding new distributors on the Octopart platform. The highlights were:

  • Octopart search written in Go to allow faster and more efficient searching
  • Updated part detail pages so you can easily and quickly view information and navigate to datasheets, price alerts, and price history
  • Better quality results for descriptive searches thanks to our upgraded ranking function and search syntax, so you can now search by natural terms and attributes
  • New version of the Common Parts Library for Production that now is integrated with Seeed Studio’s Open Parts Library, a single library of symbols and footprints for CPL (thanks to SnapEDA), and with real-time pricing and availability information from the top three distributors worldwide.

The Mighty BOM Tool

Our BOM Tool saw some pretty great updates this year that include improved column import, ability to delete multiple rows or undo deletes, multiple results dropdown and new BOM Tool header. Moreover, we introduced new Saved Settings (that are also available for search) so you can set your preferred country, currency, and distributors, and an “Add to BOM” button in search results to make the process of creating and managing BOMs faster and easier.

Quests to Events

Octopart did not stay away from participating in the most important events of the year.

At Electronica, we met with leading engineers, designers, entrepreneurs, students and long time fans that provided us with valuable feedback on Octopart and ideas for future improvement. Needless to say, we really had a great time demoing the latest and greatest Octopart updates and hearing how Octopart can make it easier and faster to find electronic components.


At Open Hardware Summit, we met with hackers, makers, PCB designers, industrial engineers and everyone involved in the hardware space. We also noticed a few trends that were prevalent in all discussions. You can read more about them here


In early October, we headed to Hardware Workshops NYC and Maker Faire NYC, where we heard from hardware development leaders on building and launching products. Oh, and we met with Lady Ada (Limor Fried), the founder of the electronics hobbyist company Adafruit!

picture 5

Speaking of the cool people we met this past year, Octopart chatted with Massimo Banzi, co-founder of Arduino at MAKECU, Columbia University’s annual hackathon for students. Massimo gave a wonderful speech on the future of prototyping, object oriented hardware and project Eslov.


The Fellowship of the Component Search

Every year we grow our team to include the brightest and most innovative leaders that help build Octopart into the most important tool for finding electronic parts! This year we welcomed Faye Han as VP of Product, Anthony Abbate as Account Executive, Jerrica White as Client Service Representative, Jeread Williams as Sales Operations Coordinator and Alisa Babikova as Marketing Specialist. 

On the verge of 2017

With all these exciting updates, we cannot wait to start 2017! A lot of great updates are planned, wishes made and goals set, all in the name of streamlining the engineering workflow and enabling fast decision making by providing accurate and complete data for millions of electronic components.
Stay tuned! Oh, and Happy Holidays!

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