Octopart is Joining Altium


I’m very happy to share big Octopart news today: We’ve signed a definitive agreement to join Altium, a leading provider of design software for the electronics industry. Octopart will become a wholly owned subsidiary of Altium and continue to grow and operate independently from our headquarters in New York City.

First things first: this deal is good for Octopart users. Octopart will be increasing the pace of what we’ve always done: opening up access to part data for design, sourcing, and manufacturing. Our search engine will stay free, fast, and open. Our API will remain available to existing and new users. We’ll continue to provide component data in a clean, straightforward way without any pop-up ads or unnecessary forced registration nonsense.

We’re joining forces with Altium because we think we can innovate and grow Octopart more quickly together than apart. We live in a time when electrical engineers, makers, and hackers have high expectations for their design tools and for component search. Octopart users expect rich content like CAD models and reference designs at their fingertips when doing component selection. Users of PCB design software expect supply chain intelligence at hand when they are designing new products. Bringing Octopart together with Altium will make this possible, and more. We envision a future where going from prototyping to production is a seamless experience and we’re going to work together to make that vision a reality.

From the beginning of Octopart we’ve been encouraged and spurred on by our investors, our families, and our friends, and we are deeply grateful for that. Today Altium joins that group which will only accelerate Octopart’s forward motion. 

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