Introducing Common Parts Library for Prototyping

We are excited to announce the new Common Parts Library for Prototyping. It is a list of commonly used components, tools and equipment for prototyping new connected devices. The Common Parts Library for Prototyping is designed to complement the Common Parts Library for Production that we launched in September 2014.

As we talked with people at hackathons, makers, and hardware start-ups, we found out that many people were looking for through-hole equivalents of SMT devices which got us thinking about a separate CPL for Prototyping.

These are the main highlights of the Common Parts Library for Prototyping:

1. An entirely new section of components, tools, and equipment specifically for prototyping new products, with sections for wearables, interface boards, test, and soldering equipment:

Categories CPL

2. Pricing information next to available parts, directly linked to distributor pages, to speed the buying process:

Buy Link Demo

3. Links to tutorials, projects, and posts to explain the reasoning behind part selection and to inspire people to develop their own product ideas.

For example, with the links in the descriptions, you can learn about different Arduinos, see the video tutorials as well as learn about interfacing Arduino with hardware such as motion sensors, cameras, audio output and more.

Platforms Arduino

4. Common Parts Library is now divided into two categories: CPL for Prototyping and CPL for Production. The components in the CPL for Prototyping provide a good base for moving into production using CPL for Production parts.

In the CPL for Production, we are now providing direct links to SnapEDA symbols and footprints. You can access them by clicking next to each orderable part as shown below:

Symbols and Footprints Links

For example, clicking on the link next to ATmega328 will take you directly to its symbol and footprint page at SnapEDACPL for Production has also had updates in the sensors category with the addition of an accelerometer, a photo-transistor, an inertial measurement unit (IMU), a capacitive touch sensor and a pressure sensor.

5. A Common Parts Library Slack Chatroom to enable the community to collaborate easily, as well as give feedback about the new list. Get your invitation before going to the chatroom to meet other like-minded people.

Slack Chat

We believe that Common Parts Library for Prototyping will be a great resource for makers and hardware startups, both new and experienced, to learn more about prototyping and to make better part selection decisions. We will be speaking more about the library at the Open Hardware Summit (OHS) at Philadelphia on Sept 19th.

We would like to extend thanks to the community as well as our partners for the support! Drop us a note at cpl@octopart.comreach out to us at the community forum or find us on Slack

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