International Currencies in BOM Tool

We’ve just enabled support for international currencies in the BOM Tool. In the past, we only displayed offers from distributors with pricing in U.S. dollars. This is just fine for our American customers. However, we weren’t making it easy for our non-U.S. customers to discover offers that might have better pricing, availability, or ease of sourcing.

Here’s how it works: The BOM Tool now gives priority to offers denoted in your choice of currency. If a distributor doesn’t have any offers priced in your currency, we convert their pricing to yours using currency conversion rates from These rates are updated every two hours.
For example, let’s assume you’re from Singapore. You create a BOM, set your currency to SGD, and add the part number ERJ-1TRQF1R5U to it. You choose element14 APAC, Farnell, and Master Electronics as your Selected Distributors. Since element 4 APAC has an offer with pricing in SGD, the price you see is not converted. But Farnell has pricing in GBP, and Master Electronics in USD.
You’ll see that the SGD next to the last two Selected Distributors’ prices is colored orange. This indicates that the prices have been converted from another currency to Singapore Dollars. When you hover over the orange “SGD,” a tooltip will appear showing the original currency, and conversion rate that was used.
We’re always looking for ways to make our BOM Tool more useful for you. If you have any suggestions, we’d love to hear them. Just send an email to, or leave us a note using the Talk to Us! widget at the bottom of our pages.
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