Octopart goes HTTPS

In January, Octopart began redirecting all users to the HTTPS version of the site. This means that your Octopart experience is now secured by the Transport Layer Security protocol which provides authentication and encryption of traffic between your computer and Octopart.

In short, your searches and activity on Octopart are more secure. This benefit requires no change on your end except to make sure you’re using a modern web browser like Chrome or Firefox.

Octopart distributors need to be aware that you may no longer see Octopart as a referral source of traffic through your web analytics platform. This is due to the fact that the ‘referer’ data is dropped whenever a refer is made from an HTTPS page (Octopart) to a non-secure HTTP page (perhaps the product page on your site). You can read more about this here and contact us about ways to remedy this.

Users expect a secure web experience and we’re proud to be delivering on that.

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  • http://blog.kylemanna.com/ Kyle

    +1 for people and organizations who care about security, and another +1 for having IPv6 setup and working. I assume CloudFlare has done most of the technical magic, but props to the crew for making it happen!

    • Chris Calvi

      Hi Kyle, thanks for the props!