Some One Ate Up The World Supply Of #BeagleBoneBlack


Last week, we picked up on this intriguing tweet about BeagleBone Black by @kippworks:


Our investigative unit was on it. We quickly moved to fact-check this sweeping claim:


It’s true! This was tweeted a little over a week ago and still no sign of any stock.

We pulled the BeagleBone Black BOM and noticed that levels for two Micron chips in the BOM (MTFC2GMVEA-0M WT and MT41K256M16HA-125:E) are also running suspiciously low:


Then we called CircuitCo (the primary manufacturers of BeagleBone Black) and they had no comment on the shortage…


…sorry, conspiracy theorists, the plot doesn’t really thicken. The folks at CircuitCo were very nice, and while they didn’t have any special insights on the shortage, they did tell us that it could be related to the upcoming release of the new rev. (This might also account for the Micron chip shortages). The skinny seems pretty straightforward:


(@jadon is the community guy and open source evangelist at Texas Instruments.)

If you’re hoarding BeagleBone Blacks to build something to take over the world, we’d love to hear about it (and we won’t tell). And if anyone knows where to get a Beaglebone Black today, please share!

(We also track historical pricing for all parts in our database.)

Update (12/17/2013): The excellent Jason Kridner from has tweeted that they’re “making them as fast as we can and getting faster”. He’s also informed us that they’re available at in-store at Radioshack. Go get ’em!

Update (12/23/2013): Newark has lots of stock online now! Go get ’em!

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