Verified Manufacturer Program, Ecliptek Corporation

Octopart users want to access to the most accurate and complete component information available, and they want it now. To that end, we’re happy to announce the Verified Manufacturer Program which allows component manufacturers to send us data directly for display on Octopart.

In addition to attribute information (which surfaces parts in parametric searches), manufacturers can now include links back to their own websites.

We’re happy to announce the first participating member of the Verified Manufacturer Program, Ecliptek Corporation, a manufacturer of crystals and oscillators.


Thanks to the detailled attribute information they’ve sent us, you can now do a parametric search for a 27MHz MEMS Clock Oscillator which runs on a 2.5V supply, among others. You can also find links to their own part pages by clicking on the orange manufacturer links on our part detail pages.

As we add more manufacturers to the program, the additional part data will make for a richer search experience. So watch this space… we have even more manufacturers in the pipeline!

If you’re a manufacturer and you’re interested in getting involved, please email me at