OrCAD Capture CIS

Winter is here and if you’re anything like us, you want to spend less time searching and more time making snow angels. So, to help you spend less time going between OrCAD and Octopart, we’ve been working on integrating the Octopart Part Browser into OrCAD Capture CIS. As of today, you can now search on Octopart from within OrCAD.

To access the Part Browser from within OrCAD, simply go to Place > Database Part and select the Internet Component Assistant (ICA) tab. Next choose the Part Browser from the search options:


From the Part Browser you can do keyword searches, parametric searches or browse categories. When you find the perfect part, you can add it to your schematic by hitting the “Place in Schematic” button:


You also have access to all of our parametric and supplier data from within the search tool:


Hope you enjoy searching Octopart from within OrCAD Capture CIS! Let us know what you think!