Company Tools is Live

Q: I’m a part manufacturer or distributor. How do I list my parts on Octopart as fast as possible?

A: Company Tools!

Today we’re happy to announce that our newest feature, Company Tools, is live. Company Tools allows distributors and manufacturers to upload and monitor their part data via the web.

Signing up for Company Tools is a simple process, just create an Octopart account and fill out the Company Tools signup form. Once we verify your affiliation with your company, you will receive an email that your account is active and you can start uploading data.

Below is a screenshot of the upload page. Just generate a part data file in our feed format and hit upload – we’ll take care of the rest.


Uploading data is just the beginning. What other features you would like to see integrated into Company Tools? Advanced analytics? Performance reporting? Ad campaign management? Let us know.