Octopart News Recap

Two weeks ago we added a news feature to Octopart and we’ve been really happy with how it’s developing. So far the submissions have been very interesting. They’ve varied from a discussion about fluorescent bulbs and dimmer switches to a FOXNews study on the environmental impact of flush toilets.

My favorite conversation on Octopart News so far has been on the correlation between Intercourse and Intelligence. If any Octopart users would like to continue this thread and conduct a quantitative analysis of dating, we’re willing to dedicate quite a bit of computing resources to the task.

There were several hardware specific posts which I found very interesting as well. iamwil found a 3D scanner from NextEngine which is pretty amazing. The iPhone launched just a few weeks ago as well so appropriately, there were 62 submissions involving the iPhone. Another particularly useful submission which made it to the top of the rankings was a PCB Cost Comparison Calcuator.

Thank you to everyone who has beeen submitting stories to Octopart News. If you haven’t visited Octopart News yet, check it out here. Also, please install the "octo-post" bookmarklet to submit any web page in 250ms. If you have any ideas for the News site, send me an email or join us on this discussion forum.

working on cool hardware? submit blogs to contact@octopart.com